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Some of my favourite visualizations that I've built. You can find many more on my Observable page.

Windsor-Essex Walk Times to Food Banks Open During COVID-19 Outbreak
A notebook showing walk times from every intersection and census tract median income in Windsor-Essex to the nearest food bank open during the COVID-19 outbreak. Uses DeckGL. Intersections from Open Street Maps' Overpass API.

Employment in Industry for Statistics Canada Census Metropolitan Areas (CMAs)
A notebook showing industry employment for a selectable CMA in Canada in two ways - a bar chart and line chart. The bar chart and line chart mirror eachother as time progresses or interacted with by the user. Built with D3.

Migration to/from Canadian CMAs/CAs for 2016/17
A notebook cross CMA migrations for Canadian cities. It is interaction and shows the migration numbers in two ways, a map and pyramid chart. When you change the CMA/CA by clicking on the map the chart and the map track eacother. Built with DeckGL and D3.

COVID-19 Testing and Hosptilization: Ontario, Canada
A notebook showing various statistics on COVID-19 testing and hospitalization in Ontario. All graphs shown and built with Vega Lite.